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Duaa and Azkar

Recitation and memorization of dua have been made as compulsory by Islam as the recitation and memorization of the Holy Quran. According to the Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W.): "One who was devoted to the Qur'an will be told to recite, ascend and recite carefully as he recited when he was in the world, for he will reach his abode when he comes to the last verse he recites." [Hadith | Al-Albani]

There are specific times of the day when Muslims are supposed to say dua in order to seek Allah's (S.W.T.) satisfaction and forgiveness. Even for the tiniest of issues, a person who believes in Allah Almighty turns to Him for blessings and assistance whenever he is in need. Islamic Supplication (dua) is kindness and a cure for the human soul. Utilizing digital means, our professional instructors will guide their students to proper memorization of common and uncommon duas by heart.

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Our Online Memorizing Dua Course

In Ilma Quran Academy's memorizing dua online course, students are taught proper recitation of duas, including when to recite particular duas according to their age, aspirations, and knowledge. The course teaches students how to pronounce certain duas and when to recite them. Aside from the basics of Islamic education, such as duas, prayers, the six kalima, etc., your children will be instructed in Arabic. It is strongly recommended that you take the Learn Arabic Course before you can begin learning Dua.


Why Our Course Is Excellent For You

Ilma Quran Academy’s online memorization dua course is organized for students who looking to learn dua and how to proper implement them in their daily routine. In conjunction with our expert instructors, we are able to produce quickly memorizable dua courses, so our students can learn efficiently.

Why You Should Join Us?

Ilma Quran Academy provides excellent memorizing dua courses for its newcomers, depending on their learning needs. With expert male and female instructors, our tutoring system will ensure that your ward and you will receive excellent Islamic education in Arabic pronunciation, Tajweed, and Quranic teaching, in the whole of the U.K. and U.S.A.

Online Conveniences

With our online classes, our students can do their classes on the go, at any time, and at any place. Our online platform is available through.

Reasonable Pricing

We provide multiple packages for all of our students, so they can choose what suits their budget the best.

Trial Classes

We provide trial classes for dua courses. Students can begin their dua memorization course studies with the instructor to their liking.

Female Teacher

We provide expert female instructors for female students. This is also a plus for any female student wanting to learn from the comfort of their home.

Multilingual Languages

We provide multilingual instructors throughout the U.K. and U.S.A. for our student's convenience.

Flexible Timing

Our online classes provide flexible timing classes for students who want to focus on better learning the Holy Quran and its teaching.

Why Choose I.Q.A

We welcome anyone wanting to learn, recite and memorize the Holy Quran under the guiding light of our Islamic expertise.


Your Dua (Islamic Supplication) Questions Are Answered!

Among the most significant acts of Islam is the use of dua in daily life. Since Allah hears and sees all we do, it is necessary that we pray for his protection and salvation.

How long depends on the ability of the students. A young child, with constant effort from our instructor, will be able to learn the necessary duas in months. An older child will be able to learn necessary duas in 3-4 months.

Dua is done after prayer when a Muslim raises his hand to beg Allah almighty for his protection and blessing. Unlike prayers which are needed to be performed daily at five different times of day, dua can be recited at any moment.

Dua is a type of supplication that can be described as a personal discussion with God at any time of day or night, in any language. Then there's salah, which is a ritualistic type of prayer that must be performed five times a day in Arabic for consistency among Muslims .

Furthermore, all Muslims are required to perform daily prayers. Making Dua (Supplication), on the other hand, is not required.

Here is some etiquette of dua that will have your Dua accepted by Allah (SWT):

  • Make a Dua for someone else.
  • Request that others make dua for you.
  • Make duas frequently throughout the day.
  • Always consult Allah first about your difficulties.
  • Perform a good deed.
  • Give up your sin.
  • Thank you, Allah (SWT).
  • Imagine and hope for the best.
  • Introduction to Dua as a form of Allah worship (SWT)
  • Dua's Importance
  • How to supplicate (making dua)
  • Dua Etiquette
  • Dua verses' meaning
  • Daily Duas for Islamic Occasions Dua
  • When waking up and sleeping, say the dua.
  • Dua before putting on clothes, Dua before undressing, Dua before going to the toilet, Dua before entering and quitting the house; Dua before entering and exiting the mosque
  • Prayer and ablution (wudu) dua
  • Dua, after having a nightmare
  • Dua for Anxiety and Suffering
  • Dua for a distressed person, Dua for debt repayment, Dua for the safety of children
  • When visiting a sick person, say the dua
  • During the funeral prayer, make a dua for the deceased.
  • prayer, make a dua for the deceased.
  • When it rains, dua
  • Duae qunoot
  • Duas for different times


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We Appreciate Your Precious Feedback!

Our services presented a channel for Muslims to deepen their knowledge and understanding of Islam and the Holy Quran. Ilma Quran Academy appreciates its students and their guardians' responses and feedback.


Shahzaib Siddiqui

I am pleased with such impressive learning institutes like Ilma Quran Academy working around the U.S.A. and delivering blessed knowledge from the Holy Quran.I have been satisfied with their teachers and their classes which have been very effective.


Zainab Ahmed

My son has been taking their classes since the lockdown and honestly has continued to learn and memorize Quran through Ilma Quran Academy on his own. I have been very proud of him and the teachers at the Academy for putting the love of the Holy Quran in his heart.


Shayan Ali

Ilma Quran Academy has been the greatest in making it easier to understand and learn Holy Quran. The class scheduled are perfect as they are on the weekends and don't interfere with unusual classes at my university.


Ahmed Shah

After coming into my 30s, I realized that I had never learned the proper method of reading the Holy Quran, but thanks to Allah for strengthening my resolve. I signed up for the Ilma Quran Academy Quran Recitation course, and now I am on my way to memorizing the Holy Quran soon.


Fatima Anis

It has been a brilliant service to teach my two young daughters the fundamentals of the Quran through Qaida. The teachers have also gone into necessary Islamic knowledge, and I have been pleased with the instructor that Ilma Quran Academy has provided.


Umer Farooq

Praise Allah for allowing me to stumble on this fantastic service. It has helped me get a better handle on tajweed and the Arabic language. With Ilma Quran Academy, I have begun to better myself through Quranic guidance.